Frequently Asked Questions for Denver Car Wraps

Do Vehicle Wraps Work?

Here are some of our most common Q&As about Denver car wraps that we want to share with you! Vehicle wrapping is considered the most effective form of advertising in the market today. According to Marketing Tango, one car wrap garners between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per day, making it the least expensive cost per impression rate available in the market.

car wrap questions answered

Q: What is a vehicle wrap?
A: A vehicle wrap consists of a design which is then printed on special vinyl material and laminated, and finally installed or “wrapped” on a vehicle. The wrap is applied directly to the vehicle. The application is so precise it is often mistaken for a custom paint job.

Q: How is a wrap designed?
A: Our staff of designers specialize in creating the imagery that will make your office walls & floors or vehicle represent you and your bra

nd. They work with you throughout the process to ensure that the message conveyed in the design accurately and appropriately reflects that of your company, product or person. Final proofs, mockups and explanations are always reviewed prior to sending the job to print.

Q: How is a wrap printed?
A: We use the latest large format printers to create your art the way you imagined it. The large printers are fitted with state of the art ink systems insuring the best color schemes and resolution available in the industry. We have carefully chosen the media we print on, each media has been time tested for optimal use on the job.

Q: How do you wrap a vehicle?
A: Our installers are put through a rigorous apprentice program before they are given the title of expert installer. Once they have reached this level, they are capable of handling the most intricate design wrap installations. The vinyl material is accurately laid out and applied to the vehicle – the actual process is extremely precise, requires a lot of experience and is difficult to explain in writing.

Green Truck Wrap in Denver Colorado

Green Truck Wrap

Q: Are car wraps applied to windows?
A: Yes, but only rear side and rear windows. Window wraps are printed on a special perforated vinyl that allows the driver to see through the rear and side rear windows.

Q: What if the company information on my wrap changes, can it be replaced?
A: Yes. Graphics, logos, and phone numbers (or any part of the design) can be changed, reprinted and re-installed as overlays on the car wrap.

Q: Can a wrap be removed?
A: Yes. The wrap can be removed. However, attempting to remove it yourself may cause damage to your paint. We suggest having Cyrus de-install your vehicle wrap as our installation experts are best equipped this task.

Q: Will the wrap damage my paint? 
A: No. A car wrap when applied and removed correctly, does not damage your car’s OEM paint. In fact, it protects it.

Q: Is there a guarantee on the wrap?
A: Yes. In most cases we guarantee our wraps 3 years.

Q: Will you wrap a leased vehicle? 
A: Yes. Since a wrap can be removed without damaging a vehicle, there are no restrictions against wrapping a leased vehicle.

Q: How long will a wrap last on my vehicle? 
A: Our wraps will normally outlast the vehicle. You can expect your wrap to last 5 years or longer, as long as you’re careful about high pressure washing.

Q: How do I care for my wrap? 
A: It is best to hand wash your wrapped vehicle. In general, avoid power washing and do not use an ice-scraper. Brushing windows and the use of a rear defroster will cause no damage to your window wrap.

Q: What’s the difference between a ½, ¾, and full wrap?
A. A size of the wrap (Full, ½ or ¼) simply refers to the percentage of the car that is covered by the wrap.

Q: How long does it take to wrap a vehicle? 
A: Our wraps are typically completed in 1-2 days, depending on the size of the vehicle and intricacy of the wrap. Time estimates are given to our customers prior to beginning the installation process.

Q: Do you wrap anything other than vehicles? 
A: Yes. We’ll wrap your boats, urinals, porta-johns, elevators, tables, whatever we can get our hands on!

Q: Is having my office walls wrapped a sure-fire way to promote the culture of our organization?
A: Yes!