Denver Vehicle Wraps are popular, but what’s the cost?

What is the cost for Denver Vehicle Wraps?

Before making any business decision, you want to know about the cost, right? Decals and partial wraps can range from a few hundred dollars to around a few thousand dollars. According to an article posted Intuit Quickbooks’ website states that full vehicle wraps typically cost between an average investment of $1,500 and $3,000 depending on how curvaceous your vehicle is and the size. This excludes RVs or Food trucks which can cost over $5000.


Wrapping a trailer tends to be less expensive than a vehicle as flat surfaces lend themselves to vinyl wraps quite well. Trailer wraps are often much larger than standard cars and truck however, so the costs vary.Now that you know approximately what the cost is. Now think, what kind of price would you put on having a mobile billboard that can promote your brand,  your company, everywhere you go? When it comes to return on investment, vehicle wraps are by far your best choice.

Denver Vehicle wraps

Denver Vehicle wraps

Referring back to the intuit article, a customer once said they gained a new client on the way to their house while driving their newly wrapped car. Another customer tracks his job leads; the article states that his sales shot up from $42,000 to $219,000 in 10 months due to his wrapped trucks. Hopefully one of our customers can track this as well!


If you’re not looking to advertise your company, vinyl can also be used to change the color of your vehicle. This process is more involved (and o-so-worth-it), they start around $2,500 and go up from there.We pride ourselves on our ability to handle the logistics involved in rebranding a fleet with fleet graphics for your corporate trucks, vans and cars. Please contact Cyrus Wraps for a quote for your specific car wrap needs.