5 Things To Consider Before Wrapping your Vehicle

Some companies can install a vehicle wrap in less than ten minutes. However, if you want to make a huge impact in your marketing campaign, speed is not everything. There are lots of other things to consider. These things include durability, quality, and image.  If you are looking to improve your brand, then the image is everything. A good vehicle wrapping company combines quality and durability to create a unique blend that improves your image. When choosing a vehicle wrap, we recommend considering the following issues:

Blue Car Wrap denver

Blue Car Wrap denver

1.    Graphic Design
A good vehicle wrap is the product of an exceptional graphic design. A design that stands out must be simple, but it must speak volumes about your brand. Most importantly, the design must not struggle to deliver the message. When developing a wrap, graphic designers can make your product into a household brand that people can identify with, effortlessly. The best way to come up with a good design is to share your marketing goals with your graphic designer. It is also vital to give the designer ample time to come up with the concept. The design is a tricky process that that should not be rushed.

Once the designer comes up with a preliminary concept, you can comment or criticize the design with the aim to improve it. When it comes to preparing the design, the goal is to mesmerize the customer. However, remember that you are not erecting a billboard. Since the image will be installed on a mobile vehicle, some of your customers will only have a glimpse of your design. As such, the message must be clear and to the point. Customers must understand the message at a glance without having to interpret it. Also, remember to include the same theme as your website. Uniformity is important when you’re building and growing your brand.


2.    Printing and finishing
As the industry evolves, new printing and finishing technologies emerge, reducing the car wraps cost. Today, there is a host of vehicle wrapping techniques that take advantage of the state-of-the-art equipment to give you the best results. A reputable company will exceed your expectations by installing the wrap perfectly. The best way to create some clean lines that look beautiful is to prevent the material from developing some unsightly folds. An installation process that eliminates the folds allows the wrap to adhere to the body of the vehicle perfectly and reduces the vehicle wrap cost.


3.    Choosing the right installer
Just like designing, installing the vehicle wraps is an art that requires special skills. The installation process requires keen attention to detail and patience. A competent installer must inspect the surface and make the necessary preparations to avoid an increased vehicle wrap cost. If you are working with vinyl, it is critical to choose a genuine material that will last for several years. A competent installer is familiar with several installation techniques and will choose the right method for your vehicle. The goal is to create the best possible results while guaranteeing unmatched beauty and durability.


4.    Installation
Some companies offer both design and installation services. A company that offers these services can work to your advantage since they must hire the right personnel to implement their concept. If a sloppy installer implements a good design, the quality of the design will be eroded as well.

Communication between the design and installation teams is pivotal. Once the design for  your vinyl wrap advertising is completed, the installation team needs to have all the specifications to realize your project. In case an installer does not use the specified materials or directions, the work might not come out as envisioned by the designer.


5.    Durability
When it comes to vinyl wrap advertising, beautiful prints and colorful images will count for nothing if you do not use a durable material. Vehicle wraps should be resilient enough to handle everything that comes their way. Vehicles can be parked in the scorching sun for an entire day. Moreover, the wraps are exposed to seasons of torrential rainfall and cold Colorado winters. When choosing a material for your wrap, make sure that it has the resilience to handle such abuse. Do not be fooled by huge discounts or affordable deals that will lose their quality in a few months and call for redoing the entire project. Remember that replacing the vehicle wrap is quite costly, meaning that it is not something you would like to do often.

When choosing the ideal material for your Denver Car Wraps, durability comes first. One of the best materials for this project is provided by 3M and Avery Dennison. Additionally, it is imperative to use laminate for a wrap to last for many years without fading or losing its visual appeal.


A vehicle wrap is a long-term investment that you must do with extra caution, whatever the car wraps cost. The secret to success is to choose the right service provider for the project. Since every company will present a formidable proposal, the key to choosing the right company is to look at their portfolio and the work they stand by. By evaluating their past projects and their reputation, you will make the right decision before hiring a service provider.


The CW Team