4 Ways to Maximize Your Return from Your Denver Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wrap advertising in Denver is an inexpensive and unique method to attract new customers. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America states that mobile advertising reaches consumers at a lower cost than other forms of advertising. Larger companies have used vinyl wraps for commercial vehicles for decades and it is only recently that small businesses have realized the benefits of car wraps in Denver. However, after deciding that vehicle wraps should be a part of your next marketing strategy, consider the ways to maximize and track the return on investment or ROI.

Fleet wrap specials focus

Fleet wrap specials focus

The return on investment for van wrap or trucks wraps in Denver is difficult to determine because of industry type, the effectiveness of the wrap design, and the location of the vehicle. Much like the traditional goals of a salesforce, mobile advertising should produce quantitative data that will assist in tailoring your services to the needs of consumers in the area. A commercial vehicle wrap is an extension of a business and if used effectively, can directly affect the exposure and successful customer lead generation. But let’s not forget, even with a good van wrap Denver is a city that requires hard work and a stellar reputation to be successful. Small to Medium sized businesses in Denver must find ways to increase their ROI in every aspect of their operations. Here are 4 ways to increase your return from advertising with your vehicle wrap in Denver.


  1. Vehicle graphic design is important to ROI

If you invest in the design of your vehicle graphics Denver consumers will appreciate a good design and help you achieve a good ROI. Vinyl wrap design is essential to the success of a mobile advertising campaign. Hiring a professional designer to create an effective vehicle graphics design that will give your potential returns a good foundation. Although it takes specific planning for successful vehicle graphics Denver has plenty of designers to help showcase your services. Choose a graphic artist with experience designing vinyl truck and van wraps. They will ask the appropriate questions about your business and services to deliver a product to match your needs. But as a rule of thumb, the design should be colorful, eye-catching, and discernible from other businesses. Denver vinyl wraps should be relevant to its corresponding industry and brand. Another tip is to avoid using photographs in your Denver vehicle graphic and insert your logo instead. Also, with a reputation for being harsh on vinyl wrap Denver has rainy days, hot summers, and snow-filled winters. For a long-lasting vinyl wrap Denver weather requires a durable material. For more information on what to consider before getting a car wrap in Colorado, read this.


  1. Generate data to track ROI

You will never know how successful a mobile advertising campaign is unless you generate and track customer data. There are a few ways that a vehicle wrap can generate the data necessary for analyzation. Create an 800-number that will only be displayed on the commercial vehicle and track the calls that are generated. If you have a website, design a landing page with a short web address or QR Code to add to the vehicle graphics. Another use for the landing page is to write a whitepaper about a topic relevant to the industry and add a download to the landing page on your website. New customers must fill out the form to download the white paper and you can add their contact information to a mailing list. By only putting the 800-number and landing page web address on the vehicle wrap, it will separate leads generated by mobile advertising and other forms of marketing.


  1. Choose an appropriate vehicle for your business

The vehicle you choose for the vinyl wrap is almost as important as the graphics. Choose a vehicle that compliments your business. Since the most common are van wrap Denver has multiple independent contractors that can be seen driving to their next customer. If you are in the plumbing industry, a van wrap or truck wraps would be a better choice than a car wrap. For car wrap Denver mobile advertising will be best if your business deals with insurance or consulting. Potential customers not only pay attention to the vehicle graphics but they also relate the type of vehicle to the business. A home contractor wouldn’t drive a car to a potential customer for a consultation.


  1. Offer a discount!

Discounts can also lead to repeat customers and since it will only be displayed on a well-designed vehicle wrap, you will know how successful the vehicle wrap advertising is. Adding a discount to the vinyl truck wraps and car wraps in Denver will motivate new customers to solicit services. As mentioned before, a specialized 800-number and a unique website landing page will help track information and your return on investment. If you don’t want to promote a long-running discount, advertise the landing web address with an incentive to view the specials available at that time. Appreciating a colorful and informative car wrap Denver consumer will remember a good discount.


Bonus – When was the last time you saw a Vehicle Wrap in Denver?

Of course, mobile advertising works best when the commercial vehicle can be seen by a lot of people. To maximize the exposure of vehicle wrap advertising, drive around a dense population to display vinyl truck wraps and car wraps in Denver. Vehicle wraps in Denver provides a high amount of impressions for the local market, as you could imagine if you have driven through rush hour. The vehicle is a traveling business card and should be handled as such by abiding to traffic laws and being courteous to others as they navigate the roads. Find the best areas and busiest times to drive a van or car wrap. Attending trade shows in the vehicle with vinyl wrap is a good idea if it pertains to your specific industry. To display a well-designed car wrap Denver hosts various events and activities for the community. You could also partner or sponsor local events in nearby cities and park the vehicle to attract new business.


The investment in mobile advertising will be beneficial to any business or industry if delivered with a well-thought out marketing plan with specific and attainable goals. Due to various parameters, such as industry type and area, return on investment for car, van, or trucks wraps in Denver is difficult to measure. A profitable area for vehicle wraps Denver has a bustling population and thriving business community. However, by taking a few extra steps it will make the difference for a successful advertising campaign. The most important being the design of the vinyl wrap and how much exposure the vehicle generates.

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