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A mural, car or fleet wrap is only as effective as its messages. Our graphic designers will bring your ideas, culture, and concepts to life. We display your brand, the way you want to be perceived

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Cyrus Wraps delivers the highest quality product in the market by using only the highest grade of vinyl available and an attention to detail and color in every single one of our prints

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Vinyl installation is no easy task and this is what separates us from the rest. Our brand is known for our meticulous and experienced installers, who don’t cut corners, we wrap them

Who is Cyrus Wraps?

Denver's premier car wrap, wall mural and fleet graphic provider
We help you display your Brand, the way you want to be perceived.

We help you utilize car wraps or wall murals to push your personal or corporate message and make a statement to the world about who you are and what your brand stands for.

Are you Bold and OUTGOING? Or classy, sleek, and sophisticated?

Wrap design, printing & installation is an art. We've perfected the art in the name of doing what is right for you, our customer. We're prompt, courteous and professional. Whether you're looking to enhance the atmosphere at your workspace or make a statement with your fleet, we exist to magnify you.

  • Wrapping a car or truck for your business can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line. Many studies have proven that vinyl car wrapping gives you the lowest cost per impression of any form of advertising

  • $0.15 /CPM

  • $11.66 /CPM

  • $20.54 /CPM

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